• JUN 24, 2014
  • Mary Katrantzou Launches Resort 2015

Mary Katrantzou launches her second Resort collection, expanding her vocabulary of design with a collection based around typographical conceits. The theme dovetails neatly into the ideas emergent in Katrantzou's autumn/winter 2014 collection, a collection that took as its starting point communication using symbolic imagery, rather than words. In this collection, the letters of the alphabet become the images, graphic devices that are collaged and juxtaposed in combinations creating a code of visual appeal. The letters form the basis of the collection's textiles, type fonts embossed into block colour fabrics, woven into brocades and jacquards in grid like motifs, in glitter flocked onto chiffon and intricately worked into guipure and tulle laces. There are also subtle references in seam detailing, letters pieced into sleeves and bodices. Illuminated manuscripts of the Book of Kells inspire intricate pictorial interpretations of letters, worked in embroidery and lace, as well as dresses and suits in foliate patterns and prints, typography hidden inside the visuals. Embellished calligraphic figures float across the body to create a series of graphic appliqué "Love Letter" dresses. Colours are vibrant, shapes playful and easy. Shorts are abbreviated high on the leg and belted tightly, trouser suits are cut slim and collarless, crew necks echoed in dresses and frequently outlined with contrast piping. Outlining V-shaped godets or waists, or the C-curve of a neckline, they subtly add to the alphabet of this collection. Colours are chosen for their contrast, leading to unexpected combinations of tangerine and violet, absinthe and lipstick-red, and powder pink with electric yellow. Discover the collection at marykatrantzou.com now.